Meet the Aalto team


Aalto University (Finland) is the leading organization of the InChildHealth consortium. The Aalto Team is directly contributing to source exposure identification and the field campaign (WP2), developing mitigation strategies (WP4), citizen of science (WP6), and communication (WP7).

Professor Heidi Salonen is the consortium leader of the InChildHealth Project. She overviews the smooth proceedings of this project. 

Tuija Heikura is the project manager. She is responsible for the project administration and also coordinates the communication between the consortium and the EU funding organisation.

Dr. Emmanuelle Castagnoli is involved in the planning of the field study in Helsinki city and is responsible for the dissemination and communication activities within this project. 

Dr. Raimo Mikkola focuses on source emissions identification in controlled environment (lab tests). He is responsible for the implementation of mitigation strategies to improve IAQ using HVAC system.

Dr. Camilla Vornanen handles Finnish language communication materials. She manages the communication with the city of Helsinki and the Finnish schools participating in this study. She is involved in the planning of the field study in Helsinki city.