InChildHealth at the “Mycotoxins and moulds” conference

Carla Viegas from IPL attended the 14th international conference “Mycotoxins and moulds” held in Bydgoszcz, Poland in June 19-20, 2024. Professor Carla Viegas was able to share results obtained about microbiological contamination assessment performed in Portuguese schools obtained within the scope of the InChildHealth project and discuss about the adequacy of the legal framework in place in Portugal.

InChildHealth at IOHA 2024

Congratulation to Pedro Pena from the InChildHealth project who received the Workplace Wonder Winner Poster Award for his work on Insights of Portugal’s Teaching Staff Microbial Occupational Exposure at the International Occupational Hygiene Association (IOHA) 2024 conference.

InChildHealth participated to ICOH 2024 conference

Prof. Heidi Salonen (Aalto University) presented one oral presentation about The effect of cleaning products on occupants’ health at the International Commission on Occupational Health ICOH 2024 conference held in Marrakesh (Maroc) in May 2024.