Citizen Science in Portugal


The team from IPL has reached the final stages of its Citizen Science activities in Portugal. Over 1 200 primary school children and teachers participated in a series of educational activities focused on indoor air quality research such as:

  • Surface swabs collection: They collected swab samples from different surfaces to test for microorganisms and allergens.
  • Electrostatic Dust Cloth extractions: Students learned to extract and analyze dust samples to understand the presence of environmental contaminants.
  • Walkthrough surveys: Students conducted surveys to assess and document the indoor air quality conditions of their schools.
  • Microscopic observation of Fungi: They observed fungal samples using light microscopy to identify and understand the types of fungi present in their environment.

This initiative not only raised awareness about the importance of a indoor air quality but also empowered our young scientists into taking an active role in monitoring and improving the air quality in their schools.

Presentation of the InChildHealth project
The InChildHealth roadmap
Microscopy activities